Recreate Palm Contacts/Addressbook in HanDBase

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Recreate Palm Contacts/Addressbook in HanDBase

Postby bbb » Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:25 am

My project is to migrate from Palm Z22 (PalmOS) to a Nokia E63, and I am evaluating HanDBase to see if it can help.

Does anyone know of a contacts/address book application written in HanDBase which seeks to duplicate the fields and design of the Palm Contacts/Address book in such a way as the Palm's address book can be easily migrated out into it ?

I have searched these fora and can't find any such references. I have also searched the HanDBase application gallery and, while I can see mention of a few "contacts" applications over the years, most quite old, none mention in their description emulating the Palm design.

In case anyone is interested, the motivation for this would be to have a Nokia E63 handset with, effectively, two contacts databases.
One would be the short, trivial dialling directory containing mainly frequently-called phone numbers, not much more than the SIM card contacts list, and this would use the native Nokia contact app and would be unsecured.
The other would contain a large database of contacts built up over a decade in the Palm and containing quite a lot of private information which it would be undesirable to sync to a cloud service and also undesirable to leave unsecured in case of loss of the handset, so I'd intend to make use of the HanDBase security on it.
This seems a very obvious way to handle contacts on a mobile phone but I have not seen any discussion anywhere on the web relating to doing it.

Incidentally, I'd like to be able to recreate some functionality of the Palm contacts database (which I used to think was pretty trivial until I found that all other contacts databases I have since tried are worse) in HandDBase but can't see how to do it. I need a sorting sequence field which is a computed text field, but I can't see that HanDBase can handle computed text fields, only computed numeric fields.
(The Palm contacts database seems to be ordered on a field that would be computed something like lastname + firstname + organisation, so that, when displaying in what Palm call "lastname,firstname" order, records with no surname but just a firstname sort correctly into the sequence and so do organisation records that have no firstname and no lastname. This is very convenient.)

Thank you.
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Re: Recreate Palm Contacts/Addressbook in HanDBase

Postby dhaupert » Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:38 pm

Hi there,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Not aware of a field for field replacement for the Address book, but if you export the Palm OS address book and then import to HanDBase, you can get a great starting point. You'd then be able to change the field types as you'd like to match what the data within them shows.

You are correct regarding calculations on text fields- we don't currently offer this capability in HanDBase. You could still set the sorting the way you had it on the Palm as you can say sort the primary field on Last name and the secondary on First name. Should give the same results!
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