HP buys Palm

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HP buys Palm

Postby curtterp » Thu Apr 29, 2010 5:49 am

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I am not a DDHSoftware employee, just a long time HanDBase user.... from Palm to Windows Mobile to Android, to iOS. Thanks to DDH, the database files transferred to each platform without a problem.
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Re: HP buys Palm

Postby dhaupert » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:15 am

Been very excited about the possibilities of WebOS in the future after reading this. I think this is probably the best buyer for Palm, as all others would have been buying for their patent portfolio, not the product itself. I will expect to see more devices and form factors and advancement of this OS with HP at the helm and wish them both the best with this.

From a business standpoint, I'll be watching to see if this changes anything with regard to the market size and opportunity for WebOS, since up until now, the sales have been quite small relative to other platforms. If and when they start gaining rapidly in marketshare, we'll be gearing up to provide a solution that is native. In the interim, hopefully the classic solution will continue to work well!
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Re: HP buys Palm

Postby BruceArnold » Mon May 03, 2010 6:25 am

I hope this will keep Palm in the market, even if HP re-brands the product. It is not just a soggy sentimentality on the part of this long-time Palm user; I have tried other options, but really like the way Palm handles my information. And the Pre is the best phone I've ever owned, regardless of some things I wish they had included (like Categories.) I was afraid for a while there that Palm would just roll over and die; this acquisition is a hopeful sign. I hope HP handles it well.
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