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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby TedETGbiz » Tue Aug 30, 2011 12:44 pm

BTW- the $100 could also be in exchange for becoming a VAR - Value Added Resellor. You don't appear to have that kind of program, but you should consider it for the SMB market. As you may know, a lot of SMB's have smart employees who are already using HanDBase. If you give VARs the chance to sell into that (with Android, iPhone and possibly Windows Phone 8) you might well be onto something.

Then there's this idea: integrate your UI and middleware stack with the SalesForce.com API offering. The idea would be a simpler, lower cost version of something they already have, but which companies must pay big bucks to get. You don't have to write the DB's - your users do that. You just write the code to access the Salesforce APIs.

Yes, we would consider becoming a VAR for HanDBase, just to have it in our toolkit for SMBs with mobile workers.
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby Avi » Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:52 pm

Dave and Ted Hi,

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Dave, you seem to have forgotten that HanDBase has been a tool that has its core in the business and professional world, not the toy/entertainment/utility world. All the facility for collaboration and sharing of databases (Pro and Enterprise versions), the data parsing, manipulation, linking and analysis tools you have included, are functionality that make HanDBase valuable to the business user who needs his data in his pocket (as opposed to his briefcase) - and those of his co-workers/employees. Years ago you had any number of examples of databases for M.D.s - that need hasn't gone away.

True, the fact that it is so intuitive yet powerful (and fast on what have always been underpowered platforms), has attracted a lot of non-business users too who see it as a superior solution to the SplashMoney/SplashShopper type of list programs, but HanDBase's DNA is business -- that's the DataBase in HanDBase.

Ted is right - you are underselling and mis-targeting the software - and i would emphasize, that goes for both the basic HanDBase program, the desktop versions, and the Forms add-on. I would say I've already persuaded quite a few friends and acquaintances to buy it, and it's value to me is far and above what I've paid for all the different versions over the years. I would certainly consider contributing to a plan like what Ted has offered even though I doubt I would ever be able to take full advantage of the the 5 "Forms" copies Ted proposes ( I have a VERY small business ...) but I compare HanDBase's value for me not to an Android widget but rather to a full desktop suite on the order of MicroSoft Office. There's a lot of us out here who need the functionality without being programmers or Excel or Access gurus, and HanDBase meets that need.

I'm sure I'm not alone. We are attracted to the Android platform for reasons that differ from those of the mass consumer, because it's the closest to the PDA functionality we still need in a market dominated by entertainment devices.

Don't undersell yourself. Target your core users - people who need to get stuff done. Give us a full-featured HanDBase for Android, and sell it to the right people, and you'll do fine.

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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby edwin2011 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:41 am

TedETGbiz wrote:2. Ask this question on the forum & via e-mail: are 100 business owners like us willing to put up $100 each to kickstart dev. of Android forms, if it will mean arrival by Q4 of 2011 to Q1 of 2012?

I'm in, especially when a runtime module for android comes available but let's concentrate first on the forms.
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby deepoctave » Sat Sep 24, 2011 12:14 pm

Just posted my 5-star rating and comment. I came to this app from MobileDb when I switched to Android from Palm. Yes, it could be better (forms, reporting, record view, etc.), but it is a great app from a committed developer.
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby hotohori » Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:19 am

I too will pledge $100 for the dev for Android forms (if comes with some exclusive perks).

You've got a great product and I never seen anything like it since old win mobile time. I'm a outdoor sales person and being able to carry my data base with me on the go is a dream come through. Now it's half dream come through because it's quite difficute to view and edit without forms on my Android :cry: .

Its the chicken & eggs thing and somehow you have to decide which comes first. IMHO, iPhone is so popular only because they did their marketing right. And many would agree that Android is a much better phone.

What if you could create a wave and not ride the wave? Maybe some form of colaboration with Google or HTC can bring you new business oppotunities. Help them pull business/professional users from Apple and I'm sure you'll get a good compensation terms. But of course, you got to have a completed product first.
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby Henry.Hartman » Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:15 am

I too will pledge $100 if it can be expedited.

I am using the blackberry version but my tables carry a lot of fields and is a liitle unwieldy. I want to buy a tablet as well now and do not really want the ipad. My cell upgrade is coming up and I want move away from Blackberry to Samsung. I really want to go Samsung Galaxy 10.1 but I am jealously viewing the iPAD/iPhone handbase forms.

My Handbase "apps" will just move it to a new league for me.

Handbase has been great sofar for me but the forms will just make it what I REALLY need.
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby pgovotsos » Thu Nov 10, 2011 2:52 am

I think what helps to make the limited (compared to PalmOS version) feature set of the Android version feel _so_ limiting is because HanDBase is really the only decent database app on Android. If users want a general purpose DBMS, there aren't any other choices to look at. HanDBase is the only fish in a big pond. If there were other choices (like we had on PalmOS) it wouldn't be such a glaring deficiency (because we could look elsewhere for the features we want).

Like some others have said on this thread, we've gone from PalmOS to webOS and, when those died, ended up on Android. The current Android version just feels so limiting now. You're our only real hope for a decent DBMS on Android, so you MUST :) make it fully featured. (please note the smiley there - my lame attempt at humor).

With that said, I do understand the reasons why Android hasn't gotten as much development time. I hope things will improve so you will be able to add features & also make money on it. Thanks for providing what we've got now. It's already so much better then anything else.
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby willieallen » Thu Jan 12, 2012 7:50 pm

I purchased HanDBase for iPhone and was impressed with its features that I made the mistake of spending $9.99 again for the Android app to put on my Galaxy Tab 7.0 as it has the bigger screen. I was extremely disappointed to see the Android app does not support designing forms.

I have no problem paying for an app if its going to do what I need. However, I think the developer needs to state in the Android app description that this particular app does not support forms. This is a great example that it may be the same app name by the same app developer, but its not the same app on the Android market as it is in the iTunes app store.

Is there a way a form can be done on the PC and then transferred to the Android device?

Is it possible that it is easier to design an app for the iPhone because there is only one iPhone and on the Android side there are dozens of different Android devices?
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby Brian_Houghton » Thu Jan 12, 2012 11:04 pm


Thanks for posting. Forms are not supported by HanDBase for Android at this time. They can neither be designed on-board nor can then be used when designed on the desktop.
Kind Regards,
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Re: timeline for forms in android

Postby handheldcomputers » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:18 am

I agree with the idea of simply jackuping the price of he Android version, with a huge disclaimer about the lack of forms, and see it it still sells at or near the level it currently does. Yes I know that sounds odd considering how much I whined about pricing of the limited feature Mobile Windows Standard version.

The version of the now almost dead Mobile Windows versions are still selling fro $29.99 where they have always been. Hopefully this means business users who are still using mobile Windows devices are still purchasing HanDBase. If business users were willing to pay that price, and I did and purchased the desktop and MSAccess sync stuff as well, then likely business users on Androids will too.

Indeed it may be that the class of customers who do need a "real" database on Android won't see much difference in pricing. Business users may not like paying $29.99 instead of $9.99 but if they need a business level database....

If you do that I'd suggest adding several pages of screen shots to the DDH pages about Android and links to pages explaining how to things withOUT forms.

I am still using HanDBase on an iPaq 211 and I have it on an iPhone. Have talked it up to some Android users mostly so I could more easily exchange data with them.

My wife has an iPad but I have been looking at some of the Android tablets because the 7inch screen size is large enough for 99% of my purposes and still small enough to cart around. I do have a netbook and frankly carry it more than I'd like!

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