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Postby bbb » Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:41 am


I have just started evaluating your software and noticed immediately that Quick Search is problematical. I believe I have seen the same problem as the above users report and I am attempting to reproduce it. I see plenty of user-unfriendly behaviour.

I have your latest release for Symbian S60 v3 on Nokia E63.

As a test example, I am using your supplied "Movie Juke Box" db and in DB Properties => Fields => Options => Quick Search Field => I have nominated the field "Title".

With that db open and in Default View, the records are sorted in ascending order of Title field.
I am initially pointing to record "40 ..."
I type letter B (or letter b) and the bottom record on the screen blanks out and the cursor positions itself at the left end of that bottom line; the highlight has not moved from record "40 ..."

(I am not sure what I should have done to get into Quick Search mode, but thought I could just type the first letter I'm searching for.)

I type letter B again, and this time the letter appears on that otherwise-blank bottom line (the cursor stays there) and the highlight does now move to the first "B..." record, although in previous tests it did not (I think it may have changed behaviour when I went through the db properties again).

I don't understand why the correct record was not chosen the first time around on the first keypress. It's a nuisance to have to press it twice.

At this point I don't know what I'm supposed to do, and the application does not behave well. If I press the Nokia SELECT key, nothing happens, as the cursor is still on the bottom line of the screen. It's as if an option is missing from the bottom middle of the screen, an option like "SELECT" which other applications display in a context like this.

On the bottom right of the Nokia screen is displayed "Back", but if I hit that button, the action to me is wrong and non-intuitive. I'd expect the app to reverse out of the Quick Search, but it doesn't; the app terminates completely and I'm back out to the "Choose Database" screen. This is surely a bug.
The first Back should reverse out of the the Quick Search; the second Back could then reverse out of the app completely. That would be correct.

The other possibility, if I DON'T choose "back" in Quick Search, is to choose either UP or DOWN, which seems to terminate the Quick Search (again I find this non-intuitive) and which leaves the highlight on the desired record. This seems a particularly user-unfriendly way of saying "yes, Done, I want that record you have found".

Incidentally, nothing to do with this point but very noticeable, is the difficulty of finding a function to actually delete a record out of a table.
If the highlight is on a record and I hit Options, I see a menu "New Record", "Views", "Find", etc - why isn't there a delete option in that menu ??
Every other Nokia application does have a delete option in that situation.

Further, if I select a record and get one record on the screen in the sort of ugly "form view" (three fields only on the screen, with the phone set to the smallest font, and with massively inefficient use of screen real estate, all as noted by other S60v3 users), and then, if I hit Options, I get a menu "Details", "Copy to New", etc but STILL no delete, and I'd expect a delete option here like other apps provide, also. I simply cannot find how to delete a record, which amazes me.

A futher off-topic indulgence if I may: on installation, I chose to install the app to the memory card (E:) and it did, but all the sample apps installed to the phone (C:) anyway. I hope there won't be an issue putting databases on E: - while the app itself is irrelevant in terms of memory use, it is important to be able to choose where the databases go.

And yet another to save my posting lots of tiny messages: in a Notes field, which to my discomfort I note can contain only half the characters (2,000) that a Palm could 12 years ago (4,000), is there any way of inputting TAB characters for formatting purposes ?
I am attempting (with great difficulty) to migrate from PalmOS and I have thousands of Notes fields using TABs for formatting.

I'll try further to reproduce the original bug which I have definitely seen but which I suspect has been suppressed by the act of changing the nominated Quick Search Field and possibly the View/sort sequence.

Thank you,
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Re: Quick Search

Postby dhaupert » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:03 pm


Thanks for your post. Unfortunately this discussion is in the HanDBase for Windows Mobile category, and your response doesn't really apply. If you are having an issue on the s60 platform, it most certainly would not relate to the issue that users had seen here some time ago on this platform. Every platform has a completely different set of code and behaviors unique to it.

That said, your issues are definitely still valid and relevant. I'm going to create a new Topic with your response in the S60 section and respond to them there where it's most applicable to other S60 users and reduces confusion between the different platforms!
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Re: Quick Search

Postby bbb » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:32 pm

My abject apologies for posting in the wrong place. I was so focussed on the problem that I did not notice.
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Re: Quick Search

Postby gsman » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:21 pm

Has there been any progress on the fix for this vexing issue.
I have not seen any updates in quite sometime - while I understand the popularity of this platform has diminished - still I think this fault should be addressed.
Unfortunately I can give no exact moment when this will happen - and it does happen on more than one of my databases. What seems to trigger this event is if I have done a quick search succuesfully - I leave the database for another - and then come back to the database to view a different record this second go around is when it happens for me - thou not every time.
I have pretty much decided when AT&T comes out with 4G LTE for Android is when I will upgrade - this seems to be months away and would like to see this addressed.
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Re: Quick Search

Postby dhaupert » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:32 am

Hi there,

Thanks for your followup. Unfortunately I have never been able to duplicate this on my end- if I could, I'd definitely work to fix it. If you have a database you can send me that reliably shows this problem with a series of steps, it would be very helpful.
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