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Welcome to our web-based Runtime Creator site for PalmOS Devices, Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) Devices, and now Windows Desktops!

  • Quickest solution in the world for enabling users to build their very own free-standing PalmOS, Pocket PC, and Windows Desktop database applications without requiring any knowledge of complex programming languages or code.
  • Easy to follow, step-by step process, literally takes less than five minutes to create your own PalmOS, Pocket PC, or Windows Desktop application
  • Choose from a variety of options for creating registered and demo versions of your application
  • As an online tool, you can access your project from any internet PC for making unlimited updates without paying any additional fees! If this is your first time using the Runtime Creator, please enter your project information below and then select the "Start" button to begin a new project. If you've used the Runtime Creator to create a project, login using that project's information to gain access that project.

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