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  • HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry
    Code: DDHHBBB02
    Product Name: HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry
    Price: $39.99

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    Desktop OS
    Accomplish More. Mobilize your important data with HanDBase!

    HanDBase, the award-winning handheld computing database application, is now available for RIM BlackBerry devices. Experienced handheld users endorse HanDBase for its powerful relational features, easy-to-use interface, and large population of free pre-designed databases hosted on their website.

    With HanDBase users can create their own solution, manage their important information.

    HanDBase Professional for BlackBerry includes the BlackBerry device application and the Windows desktop companion application, a Two-Way Synchronization Conduit for Windows, the HanDBase Sync Exchange utility for synchronizing your data with Microsoft Access and the HanDBase Data Exchange utility for easy conversion of your data to or from Microsoft Access.

    The HanDBase Conduit for Windows enables you to Synchronize your databases between your BlackBerry device and Windows desktop versions of HanDBase. Now all changes to the same database, down to the record level, on either the handheld or desktop are merged together when you connect your device and synchronize!

    To further ensure the security and integrity of a your data, the HanDBase Conduit will make up to 10 backup copies of your databases each time you HotSync if you have made changes. If you Delete a Database from your handheld the Conduit will also auto-archive your databases. This feature enables fast and easy database restoration, if needed.

    The practicality of this solution enables two people to work on the same database, one likely in the field using his or her BlackBerry, while back at the office a staff member can be working on the same database using the HanDBase desktop program. Later when the BlackBerry is synchronized, the conduit compares the two files and intelligently merges them together. The conduit is a major productivity enhancement add-on for HanDBase customers wanting the flexibility to manage their databases simultaneously on both handheld and desktop platforms.

    The HanDBase Data Exchange tool enables you to easily import data from an existing Microsoft Access Database as well as allowing you to export your data from HanDBase to Microsoft Access.

    The HanDBase Sync Exchange conduit combines the functionality of the HanDBase Conduit and HanDBase Data Exchange allowing you to automatically synchronize your HanDBase data to Microsoft Access when you connect and synchronize your BlackBerry device.

    Sync Exchange also enable Multi User synchronization of your databases even if you don't sync with Access. The Multi-User functionality gives you the ability to have multiple BlackBerry users sync to the same master database on the desktop, intelligently merging the data into a single database and pushing any changes back down to the users when they sync. You can combine this with the MS Access syncing capability to have multiple users sync to the same Access table. In addition the Sync Exchange is cross platform, enabling you to Palm OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone and BlackBerry users all syncing to the same HanDBase database or Access table.

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  • Companion Desktops: Windows
  • Free Databases
  • Enterprise Pricing

    System Requirements

    • BlackBerry handheld device with
    • 300 Kb of available memory on Mobile Phone.
    • Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.51, 2000, XP or Vista.
    • 4 MB of available space on desktop/laptop.
    • MS Access 97, 2000 or 2003 for data conversion or syncing with Access.