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Author:George Sokol [Send Author Email]

February 11, 2022
Description:MINDFULNESS... It's the buzzword of the pandemic. As people have been staying inside more and more, the gurus of popular thought have become more aware of this concept. My organization introduced a contest to get us off our lazy butts and more into exercise, self improvement, and reaching out. As such, I built this app to track my activities and in doing so came across some interesting concepts. You can maybe use these concepts in your own apps or simply use the app for any type of self-improvement you're into these days. By the way, I see lots of folks complaining on the boards about how you can find an app on the appstore so who needs to build one. I beg to differ. I created this in just a few days, tailored it to my needs and it'll be far handier than most apps you'd download from the app store for a similar purpose. And it won't nag you to pay money so you can get a video from some self help guru. On that topic, maybe I could.....
Has Data:Yes
Has Forms:Yes
Filters:Primary filters are on the main db - Mindfulness. These include : Today (No Pts). - Shows records for the current day that have no updates added to them. As you add points, the records disappear. So example of how to build a daily checklist. Open This Week - Activities in the app have a maximum point score per week, though you may add a task on multiple days. Good example of how to do calculations and then use this info to filter items you really don't need to update any longer. This Week (All) / Last Week - Includes a filter to show all activities for the current week and last week. Import View - Filters on Entry date=No Date. This app is a good example of how to use a library of existing records (they're in the Mindful Acts db) and then copy them into another app (Mindfulness) for a new round of data entry. To support this, the structures must be the same but you'll note the details of the fields and forms for each db are very different.
Sorting:Sort based on current week. There's some good date formulas in this app that are used for sorting. These include: - Calculating the Start (Sunday) and End (Saturday) of each week, merging them together for sorting. - Calculating the current date as day of the week and then cross-referencing this across another field to see if the user has updated that field.
Comments:You will also find in this database a cheat I've come up with for Handbase's lack of a help system - Forms! Though I've also built a separate Help db for more complicated apps, I like the fact that you can use text labels and HanDBase's built-in navigation features in forms to create a self contained help system directly in the app you've built. This is is a good example of how to do this. Just click on the "?" icon from the main Mindfulness form in the Mindfulness.db. Send any feedback to gjsokol@gmail.com
Version:HanDBase v.4.x Enhanced or greater
File:mindfulness.zip          Downloads: This Month 63 / Total* 1649
Note:MAC Users will need to enter the filename mindfulness.zip when saving this file.
* since October 1, 2000.

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I've often written a hangman game to both learn and test the limits of a new development platform/system. This was my attempt in HanDBase to understand Conditional and Calculated Field logic as well as to explore the flexibility of forms. While not perfect, I hope you will find this fun and that it may help you in your own development.

01/16/2022 RGB Calculator [Development]
This app is designed for developers and graphic artists that want a quick way to calculate the RGB values for shading or tinting colors in their design. It provides both several pre-set calculations (25%, 50%, 75%) as well as the ability to enter your own percentage factor to create a custom calculation. To use this app: - Follow instructions in readme to install. - Create a new record, labeling it something descriptive such as "Dark Green" or "Background Color for my form" in the Description field. - Enter the R, G, B numbers at the top of the form. - If desired, enter the desired factor in the Factor field. Calculations should be automatic. There is a special feature to copy any of the calculated RGB values - just tap on the color band of the color you wish. Just note that this uses HanDBase's External-Combine Text feature so you should only do this after saving the form - otherwise it will copy the previous result.

01/21/2022 Hawk Projects 1.0 [Business Tools]
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01/02/2020 HB Functions [Automobiles]
Wanting a quick way to see the effect of different functions (and what they do) I've created this database including all Handbase functions as well as some examples that could be used across many databases. Included: * Listing of all Handbase functions with x, y, and z inputs to see the various outputs. * Currency conversion function that shows how to take a floating number and then add commas and currency symbols to it. * Dave Haupert's Primary key example. * Some examples for doing date manipulation including how to calculate the day of the week (includes a fix to Dave Haupert's "Weekday" example), day of the year, how to return just the current year, and how to return the current month.

01/25/2022 Minesweeper for HanDBase [Fun]
This was written and uploaded for pure fun. In the grand tradition of Hangman - Yes, it's the old fashioned Minesweeper some of you may remember from the old arcade or early Windows days. I built this in 2 days. Thought about it on Friday, Worked out the essentials on Saturday, and refined it on Sunday. This is great way for new and old HanDBase users to: - Understand Hiding rules in forms. How to use multiple elements to convey status, a change, or progress in filling out a form. - Great field calculation examples showing how to make sure a field gets updated only once. - A simple random number generator. It uses the current time to return several numbers between 1 - 9. You can generate larger random numbers this way by simply using the MOD and division calculations - for example, to return a random number between 1 - 16, just return the results of xMod 15 and then add a "1" to ensure you never get zero. - A good example of capturing the completion time (or date) of something on the form. - How to track 2 variables on a record (WON or LOST) and use these to track progress. Anyway, have fun. I started working on a 16 square version of this but not sure it's possible given HanDBase's form and field limitations. Either way, I did what I set out to do. The version uploaded has some of my test games - just delete them.

02/15/2022 Hangman 2.0 [Fun]
NEW 2.0 Version of Hangman I was prompted to take my 1.0 version and improve after I saw the original had over 10,000 downloads. My goodness, I had not idea. Anyway, I've learned alot about form design and formulas in HanDBase and have applied that to this new version and hope you enjoy. Kindly send me feedback - love to hear your comments. NOTE: This app is pretty much useless without the forms so kindly download the file to your desktop, unzip all the contents, and then installed the entire thing either to your HanDBase Desktop or by sending all files to an email on your phone. Follow instructions on the Readme file for more detailed instructions. NEW FEATURES: * Over 1,200 new words * Brand new cleaner interface. * Form for adding your own NEW WORDS! Just create a new record in HanDBase and type in your word. * NEW VIEWS - make it easier to both play and track your progress. * NEW HELP - includes a visual aid as well as tips and tricks * IMPROVED hangman - now shows fully for all 7 clues. * Tracking bar - see correct and incorrect guesses at bottom of screen while playing. * A good number of bug fixes - mainly in game tracking and scoring. You now no longer get any points if you "lose" a game. No longer shows the WORD unless you have completed the game. * Sample CSV file is provided to help with loading your own customer words. Still limited to 6 letter words only.

02/19/2022 Hawk Scorekeeper [Fun]
Handy little app for tracking scores for card games, charades, and all sorts of other party games. In continuing to upload apps I've built over the last 6 years, this is a more recent one and a great example of the utility of HanDBase - the best value on the App Store. We often play games at the holidays and as I was struggling to find paper and pen, trying to keep score in a liquor infused haze, I realized I needed an app for that. This turned to be a bit more challenging than I expected as the perfect tool needed to track points for all the types of games we played, and determine the winner based either on a high or low score. Key features: - Supports up to 12 players or teams. - Track winners for both high or low scores - Automatic notification once game has completed based either on # of rounds or total points. - Highlights winning scores automatically. - Fully documented including a Visual Help screen right in the app. - Includes rules for over half a dozen games in the help section - again, right from the app.