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Only $14.99

With the optional HanDBase Plus for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch add-on Mac users can sync the data on their iOS device easily to their desktops.

HanDBase Plus for iPhone Add-on includes both the
HanDBase for Mac and a HanDBase Sync Conduit integrated into a single product. Here's an overview:

  • Make changes to your database records on your Mac or your iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch and the changes will be merged when you sync.
  • Automatically keeps multiple backups of your database files.
  • Synchronization is automatic, but advanced settings give you control over the sync mode of each database.
  • Share databases between various iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads, as well as other mobile devices that are running HanDBase.
Note: HanDBase Plus for iPhone add-on requires an Intel Mac with OSX 10.5 or higher, and synchronization to your device requires wifi capabilities on your device and your desktop computer.